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LBS Across the Province

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Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program of Ontario is designed for adults whose reading, writing, math and essential skills fall below the Grade 10 level. An important program in Employment Ontario's integrated network of employment programs and services, LBS helps adult learners achieve personal, employment and education goals. Currently, LBS is delivered to over 62,000 adult learners, in more than three hundred sites by more than two hundred school board, college and community-based agencies across the province. Learners in LBS programs are committed to specific goals and a particular goal path that leads to successful transition to Apprenticeship training, Postsecondary, or Secondary School Credit programs, Employment, or Independence. LBS agencies offer a variety of delivery models to meet the individual needs of adult learners and to ensure equal access to literacy services by Anglophone, Deaf, Francophone and Aboriginal learners. The program is free.

Sectoral and cross-sectoral organizations provide ongoing support and facilitate networking opportunities for delivery agencies. They also give leadership to co-operative planning and literacy field development. This New to Adult Literacy in Ontario presentation, developed by Literacy Link South Central, will give you a good picture of the infrastructure of the LBS Program and its organization across the province. It’s quite awesome.

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