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The ISR Digitized Collection

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The following collection of ESKARGO and OALCF Implementation Strategy Resources (ISR) is digitized and ready to download. Learners and practitioners can now work with the documents electronically should they so wish. Digitized versions are also available in French and for the Deaf and Native Streams.

  • The French ISR Digitized Collection is available on this website
  • The digitized versions for the deaf stream can be found on the DLI website:
  • The digitized versions for the native stream are located on the ONLC website:

Initial Assessment


Learner Welcome Packages


Self-Assessment Packages


Task-Tracking Sheets

The ESKARGO Attitudes Rubric

Competency A - Find and Use Information

Competency B - Communicate Ideas and Information

  • B4 Express oneself creatively (No task-tracking sheet for this task group)

Competency C - Understand and Use Numbers

Competency D -Use Digital Technology

Competency E -Manage Learning

Competency F -Engage with Others

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