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e-Channel Learning

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e-Channel is an online classroom and meeting space for students, teachers, coaches, trainers and leaders of adult literacy. e-Channel is the primary vehicle for distance learning for learners in Ontario's Literacy and Basic Skills programs. Four e-channels are hosted by four organizations serving Anglophone, Francophone, Native and Deaf populations.

The LearningHUB

The LearningHUB, developed by the Literacy and Basic Skills program of Avon Maitland District School Board, is part of the e-Channel Learning initiative serving the English population of Ontario. The LearningHUB offers free online Literacy & Basic Skills upgrading programs to adult learners who want to use a flexible online learning environment to improve literacy and numeracy skills.

Good Learning Anywhere

Offered through the Sioux Hudson Literacy Council, Good Learning Anywhere is also part of the e-Channel Learning initiative serving the First Nations, Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit populations in Ontario. This site offers a culturally supportive, flexible, distance learning environment that is designed primarily for native individuals, communities and organizations, but it is available and free for all learners who want to improve their skills and quality of life at home, at work and in the community.

Contact North

Contact North provides audio and video conference facilities to support educational institutions in the delivery of distance education courses and programs.
Online classes provide the opportunity to hear and interact with the instructor and other students/participants using a computer at  a location of your choice.

During an online 'live' session, participants from an agency’s  e-Channel class or meeting, can:

  • speak and interact with one another;
  • see and share written information, photos, diagrams, graphs, etc. on their computer monitor;
  • use a whiteboard;
  • visit and explore other websites
  • share word and excel documents

From the Contact North website, programs can download a current program catalogue of e-Channel events and courses offered by the LearningHUB, Sioux Hudson Literacy Council and CAF Ecole pour adultes.


Deaf Learn Now

Now the official e-Channel deliverer for the Deaf Stream, Deaf Learn Now offers an interactive online Literacy and Basic Skills program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults (18+) in Ontario who use American Sign Language (ASL).

The program is operated by George Brown College's Academic Upgrading program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults. Currently, the program can only register learners who are registered at an Ontario Literacy and Basic Skills program.

To learn more about Deaf Learn Now, you can e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

NOTE: This website is currently in the pilot phase (only learners currently in on-site LBS programs are able to register); however, soon the program will be open to all Deaf in Ontario, whether or not they are attending an on-site program.


In addition to program delivery, many Ontario Literacy and Basic Skills organizations, agencies and networks use e-Channel online services to provide professional development and collaboration opportunities for managers and practitioners.

How do you know if e-Channel would be useful in your program?

Consider e-Channel if you have learners who:

  • work much faster or much slower than others in the group
  • would benefit from individualized instruction because their skills are either significantly higher or lower than the rest of the class
  • need a refresher or extra practice in a specific area, i.e. rules of spelling
  • have capacity for advanced e-learning
  • are comfortable on a computer, or need to build confidence
  • have goals that are quite distinct from any others – e.g. GED Prep
  • need some exposure to technology and/or distance learning (most jobs require employees to use computers for on-the-job training; many post-secondary school courses and certificates are completed online.

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