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The following links provide support to LBS practitioners and learners for employment-related training.

My Gates
is an employment website for adults who are looking for work but are not planning to go to college or university. Designed especially for LBS learners, the site provides profiles on 120 entry level jobs plus information on Essential Skills and employer expectations. Practitioners will find curriculum support in the Activities and Demos link.

Ontario Skills Passport

The Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) provides clear descriptions of the Essential Skills and work habits important for work, learning and life. Essential Skills are used in virtually all occupations and are transferable from school to work, job to job and sector to sector.  The OSP offers high school students, adult learners, job seekers, workers, employers, teachers, trainers, practitioners, job developers and counsellors a common language, resources and tools that help build competence, confidence and connections.


TOWES (Test of Workplace Essential Skills), developed by the British Columbia Construction Industry Skills Improvement Council and Bow Valley College, offers testing and training that uses workplace documents to measure three essential skills needed for safe and productive employment:  Reading Text, Document Use and Numeracy. The website includes a test overview and sample test. (skills: RT, DU, N, TS, CL)

ETS Literacy Tests

ETS Literacy offers a number of adult literacy tests that assess an individual's skill at using written and printed information. The tests are available electronically on this site and include the PDQ Profile™ Series and the Health Activity Literacy Tests. (skills: RT, N, W, TS, CL)

Measure Up

This site provides learners with opportunities to practice and test their skills on three Essential Skills needed in all types of occupations: Reading text, Document use and Numeracy.

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