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OALCF Training Introduction

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During 2010 and 2011, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities funded OALCF Overview and OALCF Implementation Training for LBS managers and practitioners across Ontario. The following series of video presentations encapsulate the key concepts and understanding at that initial stage along with recommended strategies from both training initiatives.

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Please Note:

Since 2011, however, the OALCF has undergone a number of changes, evolving through further research and development, feedback from the field and continuing adjustments of terms, processes and practices.  Naturally, therefore, some information in these early videos is outdated despite the fact that the videos still provide an excellent understanding of the background and key concepts of the OALCF.  We encourage practitioners to check regularly for updates and newly posted documents on the OALCF website to keep abreast of current teaching, applications and expectations.

OALCF Implementation Strategy (ISR) and the ESKARGO

Two key resources developed by CESBA in 2012 include the OALCF Implementation Strategy Resource and the ESKARGO (Embedded Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Reference Guide of Ontario) These resources provide a number of helpful tools for practitioners to use as they work to implement the OALCF in daily practice.

The ISR and ESKARGO resources received such positive feedback from the field that MTCU funded a proposal from MTML (Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy) to provide province-wide training during 2013-2014.  All the ISR and ESKARGO training resources and tools plus 6 short follow-up videos can be found on this website.

See more.... ESKARGO and OALCF Implementation Strategy Resource

The practitioner training module# 4. Planning the LBS Program provides instruction and support for LBS programming and uses the ISR and ESKARGO resources, tools and methods to illustrate an effective model of OALCF implementation. This is an in-depth course but well worth checking out if only to skim through for the best ideas.



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