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1.6 The LBS Learner's Journey

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Another way to gain some understanding of the LBS program, is to view it through the eyes of the learner. Here are some comments from a few LBS learners about their experiences with the various LBS services.

Information and Referral



I didn’t think I would ever tell anyone about my secret, but when my kids started to go to school, I ended up talking one day to the kindergarten teacher. I told her I was really afraid that  my kids would end up like me with no job. I told her I couldn’t read or write very well and that I wanted to be able to help my kids in school but I couldn’t. She told me there was a class for adults not far from my apartment, so I got my friend to come with me in case I had to read something.

I was really scared, but the lady was really nice to me. She told me all about the class and said there were other adults there like me. She wrote down the times, and we made a date for me to come to the office on Monday to meet the assessor. I was still worried that maybe I was too stupid to learn anything but I decided it was worth trying for my kids.

Intake and Assessment



When I met with Brian, (LBS assessor) he asked me a whole lot of questions – all about what school was like for me before – what I was not too good at – what I could do OK. He asked me about my jobs – even from when I was a kid. He said I got some good skills. I told him about how I wanted to get into this auto body apprenticeship program but I couldn’t read some stuff too good. So then I did the tests – a reading one about car maintenance checks, a math one about figuring out tire pressure, and a about leaving instructions for detailing a car. They were ugly man but Brian said he could tell I could do some stuff pretty good. I told him I forgot a lot of stuff but I used to know it. He said LBS could help me remember stuff and get me into the auto body program. That was cool because that’s what I wanted so I signed up.

Learner Plan Development



After I was in LBS for a few weeks, I had my first Learner Plan appointment with my teacher. Every Friday morning the teacher meets with some students to talk about their learner plans. I was very excited to meet with her. It is very good to have your own learning plan. I showed her my goals papers and we talked about what I would need in order to be a good student when I get into credit.. We looked at my reading and writing and math. I have to learn how to write essays and get ready for tests. I have to get better at fractions and learn about decimals and percents and word problems.

I have to read faster and learn how to explain things about what I read. She asked me what I wanted to start working on first. I thought maybe reading. We made a list. Now I know what I have to do and what to do first. Next time I will show her what I have done on the list. It is very good to have your own plan.




I go to an LBS program in an adult high school. I really like it because it’s a lot like the credit program where I want to go next. I have my own timetable and I move around from class to class. I go to Communications at 9:00 and we are making summaries from textbooks and study webbing from our summaries. I go to a Writing  class at 10:30. I’m doing an essay on School Violence. After lunch I go to Computers. I’m learning how to use tables to make schedules which will be good ifI get to be a manager at Tim Horton’s where I work.  I also can do research for my essay on the Internet when I get the chance. At 2:30 I go to Math. It’s my hardest subject but we are starting fractions and I’m good at that. I have a chart (that I made in Computer class) that shows the Skills for Success in Adult Credit. It’s part of my learner plan and it shows how you get to be a good student. In all my classes I learn about something that’s on that chart. I think when I get into credit, I’ll get pretty good marks.



Jesse :

I’ve been out of LBS about six months. I quit because I got a job on construction for my uncle. The money is pretty OK but it’s real heavy work and boring. All I do is haul junk. I got two phone calls from my program. They want to know if I’m OK and if the program helped me with my job. I don’t think the program did anything for this job because I don’t do any reading or writing. I just do what they tell me. It’s got me thinking though. What I really want to do is indoor work – maybe in a warehouse or something.  I’m thinking I should go back to the program now that the weather is cold and then maybe go for forklift training


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