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1.7 The Changing Role of the LBS Practitioners

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Things are changing in LBS! Where have we heard that before? :-)

With the introduction of the new Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework and of EOIS/CaMS,  LBS practitioners are, once again, entering a time of change and transition.  Included in the list of changes and adaptations practitioners will face in this and the coming years are:

  • the move from a skill-based to a task-based approach to literacy service delivery
  • changes in approach to program planning
  • increased focus on the transition-oriented nature of programming
  • increased computer skills for using the online EOIS/CaMS system
  • increased expectations for tracking and documentation of learner progress
  • increased accountability for learner outcomes
  • increased expectations re: knowledge and understanding of EO and local community programs and services
  • increased expertise required for goal-related counselling and task-based assessment
  • increased responsibility and accountability for referrals to coordinated programs and services
  • increased focus on program tracking and case management documentation
  • greater and more detailed documentation of learner activity

Even for the most seasoned practitioner, sometimes the stress can be overwhelming. Visit Instructor Interview to see what a few instructors have to say about that.

Visit Instructor Interview to see what a few instructors had to say.


School Board programs are committed to change


Although individual school boards and individual LBS programs accept the realities associated with moving forward in program reform, programs are still at different stages in implementing change and feeling confident in new ways of doing things. To put it another way, while you could say that everyone is on board, not everyone has arrived!

School Board Managers and Administrators throughout the province are committed to providing leadership and support in ways that best meet the needs of their own practitioners. They will also continue to work with the broader literacy community at the planning level and through field development of resources and training.

Despite the challenges, the adult literacy profession continues to attract practitioners and literacy workers who welcome the chance to invest in other peoples’ lives in life-changing, life-affirming ways.  They are people who embrace the vision of literacy opportunities for all, approach challenge with optimism and good-will, and work with diligence and determination for the joy of the moments when learners’ eyes light up with understanding.


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