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For each of the following tasks below:

1. Refer to the Curriculum Framework master document and identify the OALCF code (e.g., C2.1) representing the appropriate competency, task group and level

2. List a few key skills and knowledge from the ESKARGO that a learner may need in order to perform this task

3. Indicate the role that attitude plays in successful task performance of each task and the feature from the ESKARGO Attitudes Rubric that most supports that conclusion.



Some Key Embedded Skills and Knowledge

Role that Attitude plays in successful task performance

Complete a job application form




Write a thank you note to your neighbor for bringing you dinner when you were sick.




In preparation for exam week, go to the Internet to locate some effective study techniques




Calculate the area of an irregularly shaped room to determine whether furniture and equipment will fit




Send your contribution to a project as an email attachment to the working group




Locate a customer’s phone number on a work order.




Brainstorm with others to generate possible solutions to a problem




Speak with your supervisor to ask about the recent reduction in your work hours and to request a return to the regular schedule.




Create a spreadsheet for tracking monthly household, personal and work expenses




Write an incident report for a minor accident at work.







4.5 Tracking Learner Progress



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