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Sometimes practitioners discover that there is a divide between what they thought their job was going to be about, and what the job actually entails, and sometimes, familiar parameters and responsibilities within an established position suddenly change and practitioners are faced with making a number of adjustments. In both situations, it is important to identify where the two sets of expectations and responsibilities do not align, and to develop a plan that will help bring the two together. Given the fact that LBS practitioners seem to constantly be working in a climate of change, the following may be a very useful exercise.


  1. Create a description of your job as an LBS practitioner by listing all the tasks that you currently are expected to perform on a regular basis.
  2. Highlight the tasks on your personal job list that are responsibilities or tasks that you did not realize would be your responsibility.
  3. Add to the list any new tasks that will become your responsibility as a result of OALCF implementation.
  4. Take some time to reflect and make journal entries on what you think and how you feel about:
    • the purpose and scope of your position as a practitioner working in adult literacy
    • the number of tasks you are required to manage
    • what skills are necessary in order to perform these tasks well
    • your present level of skill and confidence in job performance
    • what options/strategies are available to increase/ensure job satisfaction
    • what action you plan to take.

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