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Note re: the OALCF and previously developed curricula

In light of the increased emphasis on task-based learning in the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) and the shift away from skills as the focus of assessment, some practitioners may have concerns about using previously developed curriculum that was based on the LBS learning outcomes. We would encourage you not to dismiss these materials too quickly. You will find that the curriculum materials and activities found in the resources listed below are mostly task-based in nature and easily lend themselves to adaptation for task-based programming.



Workforce Curricula from Literacy Link Northeast (free)

Literacy Network Northeast (LNNE)
is a non-profit organization and regional literacy network coordinating referral, training and community development activities for literacy programs in Northeastern Ontario. LNNE has produced workforce curricula for a number of employment positions which are free and available here in PDF. The curriculum for each of these jobs is written for the learner and contains notes for the Instructor as well as an answer key for all worksheets and activities. The material is written at the LBS level required to support success in each particular job and provides instruction and training in the five essential skills identified by employers as most important. Learners find these materials highly engaging, interesting and instructive.

Nanny Chambermaid Taxi Driver Florist Assistant

Security Officer Forestry Worker Pet Groomer



Taxi Driver

Florist Assistant

Security Officer

Forestry Worker

Pet Groomer

Curriculum CDs from Literacy Link of Eastern Ontario (for purchase)

Literacy Link of Eastern Ontario (LLEO) is a Regional Network Organization that serves delivery agencies of the Literacy and Basic Skills Program in Eastern Ontario. To meet the demand for more practitioner support in workforce literacy programming, LLEO has produced for purchase, a number of CDs with full curriculum for LBS learners who have employment goals. These are available at a cost of $15.00 each.

  • Call Centre Curriculum
  • Hospitality Curriculum
  • Retail Curriculum
  • Supported Job Search
  • Food Processing Curriculum
  • Food Counter Attendants Curriculum
  • Health Care Curriculum
  • Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Curriculum
  • Cleaner Curriculum
  • Daycare Worker Curriculum
  • Grocery Clerks and Store Shelf-Stocker Curriculum
  • Service Station Attendant Curriculum
  • Truck Driver Curriculum

LLEO Curriculum CDs Order Form


Together We Learn is a curriculum for practitioners whose learners’ goals include, “helping my children become good readers."

This curriculum resource is easy to skim and full of good ideas. It is not a detailed, scripted curriculum, but a resource that provides a rationale or a little background for a particular lesson focus accompanied by a number of activities that would support that learning objective. The activities are stand-alone pieces which mean practitioners can pick and choose ones that best meet the needs of their learners. Learner worksheets are provided for activities that require reading and writing.

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